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Nike Bigfoot

Over the years our cereal creations have appeared in several adverts. In May 2005 Nike gave us a call and asked if we'd like to tour across Italy making crop circles as part of an advertising campaign for their new Nike Free trainers, how could we refuse! What we didn't realise was that we were going to end up being featured in 2 of the 4 adverts they created during our tour from the top to the bottom of the country making massive footprints in Milan, Rome and Foggia in the south.
Milan 2
Above: Nike footprint crop circle created in Milan.
Each of the 250ft tall footprints was more complex than the last. We started in Milan with a footprint created in wheat. Then we flew to Rome and created a footprint in a barely field with the Nike Free trainers tread laid over the formation using 1000ft of white barrier tape to create the grid. Finally we flew down to Foggia in the south of the country to create a footprint in wheat with a grid of barrier tape laid over the top of the flattened crop and the campaign slogan 'Power to Your Feet', Nike Free logo and Nike swoosh left standing in the wheat.
Rome 2
Above: Nike footprint crop circle with grid created in Rome.
7 circlemakers worked on the project with a crew of 6 flying out to created the formations in Italy. It was certainly an eventful trip. In Milan the local police took a keen interest in what we were doing. After assuring them that we had the permission of the land owner to create the crop circle our translator had to field questions from them about various aspects of the crop circle phenomenon including the magnetic effects associated with certain formations! The next day was pretty surreal. We spent the morning with a TV news crew and that evening ourselves and our crop circle footprints were the lead story on the national news across Italy.
Foggia 2
Above: Nike footprint crop circle with grid and slogan created in Foggia.
In all Nike Italy created 4 adverts, you can view all of them as well as maps and numerous photos on the website they have created to commemorate our trip: www.freebigfoot.com
Photos: Nike.
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