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Art and Artifice

Read circlemaker Rob Irving's landmark article in which he claims that deception is part of creation and a necessary part of both science and art.

Mystery business

Circlemaker Rob Irving takes a look at the crop circle phenomenon from a anthropological point of view.


This is a special section dedicated to documenting the various anomalies many circlemakers have experienced whilst out making or revisiting crop circles.

The Gathering

Representatives from every known UK circlemaking team past and present were invited to this very speical event.

Leaders in the field

Mark Pilkington from Fortean Times magazine interviews circlemakers John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson, Wil Russell and Rob Irving.

After a summer of media oppotunities for researcher Colin Andrews Rod Dickinson takes his August 2000 statement to task. Freddy Silva's recent statements about circlemakers handiwork also comes under scrutiny.

Contact - Advance Warning

For the first time we announce the design of a formation before it appears in the field.

Media Con-struct

Rod Dickinson reviews the flurry of media reports surrounding the grid formation which was created at East Kennett in July 2000.

Russian to conclusions

A crop circle has appeared in Russia and the Russian media have gone bananas... John Lundberg takes a more measured approach.

Radio Four-mation

Hear circlemakers John Lundberg and Rod Dickinson talking about wheat flattening on BBC Radio 4.

Every Silva...

Crop circle 'researcher' Freddy Silva's recent article about us was none to complementary, so we've taken the opportunity to put a few facts straight...

Moving in the wrong circles

We've managed to blag a copy of Lucy Pringle's forthcoming book 'The Greatest Mystery of Modern Times'. Rod Dickinson does the honours...

McKenna in converstion

Rod Dickinson has a brief chat with acclaimed ethno-botanist Terence McKenna about crop circles, aliens and artifice.

In a Spin

John Lundberg takes a closer look at Colin Andrews' most recent press release...

Crop Circle Kids

John Lundberg looks back on the 1992 case of Hungary's 'crop circle kids' who were both prosecuted and awarded for making a crop circle in Szekesfehervar.

Beginners Guide

Fancy making a crop circle? Read our Beginners Guide. With the right tools you'll be making 'genuine' un-hoaxable formation in no time.

LA Story

During a trip to LA circlemaker Rod Dickinson met up with the American Ufologist Michael Lindemann to chew the fat about crop circles.

Folks who make art

Rod Dickinson argues that the circles along with the Roswell autopsy footage and many UFO photograps can be viewed as folk art that draws on the mythology of the trickster.

Strange Attractors

Rob Irving mingles with the massed ranks of circles enthusiasts at the Barge Inn, Wiltshire.

Genuine Art

Author of Round in Circles, Dark White and Phychic Spies, Jim Schnabel takes us through the why's and wherefore's of circlemaking.

Teenage Plasma Vortex

We received this article from one of the authors of the 1990 Etchilhampton formation. Which featured on the front of Andrews and Delgado's book "The Latest Evidence".

Press Release

We issued this press release to clarify speculation in the British media concerning 1997 crop circle formations.

The Circlemakers

Rob Irving take a brief but eloquent look back over two decades of circlemaking. From Doug and Dave to the present day.

Fe3 Project

Grey magnetic dust was found inside a crop circle. Does it constitute 'Rare, direct evidence for... the plasma vortex' or is there a more prosaic answer?