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At the beginning of March 1998 three 'circlemakers' (John Lundberg, Rod Dickinson and Wil Russell) were flown out to the Southern most tip of New Zealand to be filmed creating a crop circle for NBC-TV. The documentary 'Unmasked: The Secrets of Deception' aired on prime-time TV across America during May, then around the world in the following weeks. It had an estimated US audience alone of 25 million.
We were asked to design a complex crop formation that could be made at night in under four hours. The formation we designed had over 100 flattened circles and a diameter of 300ft, putting it on a par with some of the most complex formations to appear in the fields of England over the past few years.

Construction diagram. Photo © John Lundberg

Completed formation. Photo © John Lundberg

Our design references the history of circlemaking. The central element - consisting of a large circle surrounded by three smaller eqadistand circles - references formations such as the one found at Westbury, Wiltshire in 1990. The standing Mandelbrot Set in the central circle references the flattened Mandelbrot Set discovered at Ickleton, Cambridgeshire in 1991. The chains of decreasing circles reference those first seen on the 1994 Silbury Hill, Wiltshire "Scorpion" formation and the spiralling fractal arms reference the 1996 Julia Set and Triple Julia Set formations at Stone Henge and Windmill Hill, Wiltshire respectively. The formation also had internal grapeshot circles surronding the Mandelbrot Set and two grapeshot signature circles remote from the tram-lines. It was made with the permission of the farmer on a farm just outside Winton and was harvested almost immediately.
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