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"Listen you degenerate scumbags, take me off your e-mail list!"
Chad Deetken Canadian crop circle researcher and official circlemaker hater
"I admire these people who make the crop circles"
Seth Shostak, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) institute
"It's great art that nobody's claiming responsibility for - that's got to be a good thing"
Dougie Payne from rock group Travis in a recent interview for The Guardian.
"You boys are so brilliant and talented it's unimaginable. I've never seen anything so incedible as your NZ formation. Why, I just think you're the greatest and most talented artists on this planet!!!! Move over God, these dudes are superior!"
Chad Deetken Canadian crop circle researcher and official circlemaker hater - with his tongue firmly in his cheek - on our New Zealand formation made for NBC-TV earlier this year.
"According to our [phychic] colleague a large number of this year's crop circles will contain energy levels which will be disruptive to anyone who enters them. This will be neccessary, according to the Circlemakers, to shatter certain energies on Earth and within certain individuals. You should be able to detect a sharp pain in the cranial area, especially behind the eyes... Our colleague further describes this year's patterns as being spiky or sword-like in nature, some even resembling shards of glass."
Freddy Silva on The Crop Circular - PREDICTIONS FOR 1998
"Move Over Picasso for the Circlemakers"
Mark Fussell, of the Crop Circle Connector writing about the 1997 "Koch Fractal".
"I used to think that all crop circles were man-made..."
Ufologist Jonathan Downes after viewing the Olivers Castle footage: UnConvention 97
"If human pranksters made the formation... they would have to average one circle every 2 minutes and 20 seconds - to say nothing of laying out the whole design and executing it flawlessly. If people made it, they should be running the government, things would get done quickly and done right, for a change!"
Peter Sorensen writing about the DNA crop circle in: Amateur Astronomy Aug/Sep 96
"Even Terence Meaden, a physicist and skeptic was lost for words on how such complicated formations could have been made. His explanation was that the formation was constructed by 30-100 people working all day on it with the permission of the farmer."
James Hockney writing about the "Julia Set" in: Amateur Astronomy Aug/Sep 96